A7Technology Inc.

Scalable Secure Communications
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what we do

Secure Network Architecture and Deployments

Network Design

We help our customers architect secure robust Private 5G Wireless, Fiber Optic, and Wide Area Network designs.


We design, construct, and install the IT security solutions and mobile systems for our customers and then support them.

Product Design

Ease of use is our primary design criteria. We design solutions and products that simplify complex systems and allow end users to focus on their work, not technology.

Our Process


Example: A7technology developed MOSIPS (Modular Secure Information Processing System) with the US Air Force to facilitate quick deployment/setup of flight planning systems.  The need for transportability and physical security at the remote sites added extra challenges for this design.  Size and weight needed to be kept to a minimum.

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Our authentication technology is built into the MOSIPS platform. The module with the Red Blue override buttons  acts as a security gateway allowing access to the secure workstations via HDMI and USB for all eight workstations when a card and pin are presented. Physical Access inside the GSA approved IPS container is not necessary gain access to computing resources.

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A3  Build prototype

Case Example:
MOSIPS components were manufactured using carbon fiber 3d printing. This specialized mobility pallet is a custom build for this application.

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A4 Test Prototype

Case Example: 
We developed this mount for a deployment of over 1000 systems to the DOD.  It allowed the deployed technology to be easily installed and removed without tools.

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A5 A6 Manufacture and deliverproduct

Case Example: We worked together with the International Design firm Frog Design to develop a 3d printed concept into an innovative ergonomic desktop docking solution.

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Example: We have deployed Tactical Communications in a lightweight Mobile Package. Designed for those carrying personal secure communications. This solution included universal power input, on board UPS, and encrypted wireless communications.

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A7 Product Examples

These are A7 products currently deployed

MOSIPS Secure Compute Enclave

MOSIPS (Modular Secure IPS) offers physical security, (GSA Approved), High Performance computing with 43 Giga flops of compute power for each of eight workstations and very high speed Solid State drives allowing local applications to render massive imagery files quickly and efficiently. The product offers Edge Compute capability with the physical security component as part of the package.

MOSIPS Rear view (cable management)

The Mosips system has an integrated cable track to allow the rack to be pulled in and out of the security enclosure without problems.

5G private networks for difficult to reach areas

A7technology is currently investing resources and research into ways of leveraging the technology of 5G to solve real world communications problems.  This is just one more application that has plenty of room to add a simpler easier approach.