A7Technology Inc.

Highest Performance Secure Edge Computing
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what we do

"OUR USERs seamlessly access the fastest and highest level secure computing systems  while meeting  all DOD security Requirements.”


6000 GFLOPS Power in 3.14 Cubic Feet Secure enclave

Fiber 50M 40GB/sec

Move data at Rapid speed over long distances for secure extended presentation monitors, classrooms or other applications.

IPS Container OPtion

Avoid expensive buildouts by placing the high speed capability in a
approved secure IPS Container.


a1High Performance Small Form Factor
Low Heat

Small Fast and cool: 
The small form factor low power compute package integrates almost 6000 GFLOPS of power in a 3.1 Cubic foot package. No major heat is generated and the system uses only the fastest SSDs to move data.

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A2 Fiber Only ON OFF Gateway

Why you need this option: 
These hardware devices work with the On Prem local credentials below to allow access to your secure computer by simply presenting your card and pin credentials. Your connection can be up to 50 feet away from the high speed computer.

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On Prem Local credential

Placing your credential management local to your secure enclave simplifies management and assures access. This product is both software and hardware tablet stand alone.

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A3  Single High Speed Fiber cable to desktop

Multiprotocol Tunneling over Fiber:
Long length (50M) Cable infrastructure can be burdensome at setup and create multiple points of failure. To reach the desktops you will need these lengths. Our single cable Multi protocol tunneling solution to connect Video monitor at 4K, USB for Keyboard, Mouse and Card reader greatly simplifies this.

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We DESIGN and Manufacture boards
In Washington State

Our designs are custom built to meet the stringent requirements of the DOD and other government agencies.

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A6 IPS Container Options

We work with any of the GSA approved secure containers. Many options exist to meet your requirements.

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A7 Product Examples

These are A7 products currently deployed

MOSIPS Secure Compute Enclave

MOSIPS (Modular Secure IPS) offers physical security, (GSA Approved), High Performance computing with 742 GFLOPS of compute power for each of eight workstations (Total 5936) and very high speed Solid State drives +7000MB/sec read write allowing local applications to render massive imagery files quickly and efficiently. This product offers Edge Compute capability with the physical security component as part of the package.

MOSIPS Rear view (cable management)

The Mosips system has an integrated cable track to allow the rack to be pulled in and out of the security enclosure without problems.

5G private networks for difficult to reach areas

A7technology is currently investing resources and research into ways of leveraging the technology of 5G to solve real world communications problems.  This is just one more application that has plenty of room to add a simpler easier approach.